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Providing Quality & Safe Daycare, Preschool,  and Before & After School Care in New Delhi  Since 2008, Careplus World Play School and 24 Hrs   Care Center is designed to provide an education program that seeks to stimulate your child to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. 

Choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child. The first few years of a child’s life are the most formative and it is vital that you choose a provider that will meet and exceed your expectations. We truly cherish each and every child in our programs.When you can’t be there,rely on Careplusworld
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Careplus world 24 Hrs Child care centre is considerd as the world first 24 Hrs child care centre to undertake the baby care services from one month onwards.Our service is best suitable for working parents.Parents can leave the baby with the centre for a long period incase of employement abroad,business trips,or Hospitalisation etc.
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Confidential child care facility available for selected parents ,incase of any difficult life situations.Identity of the parents will be kept secret.Dont get worried about your present situation.We are with you always.
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we pride ourselves in providing children with an educational, nurturing, safe and clean learning environment. Our certified teachers and staff are energetic, caring and patient individuals who are committed to teaching your child the necessary tools to promote strong self-esteem and life-long learning. 

Night-time childcare centres offer parents relief

Shreya Sethuraman 
Hindustan Times

Near the bustling Mehrauli bus terminal, is another crèche that operates throughout the day, and is suitable for parents whose job involves frequent travelling. Care Plus World (CPW), a 24-hour crèche, opened in 2008, but has received a lot of requests for night care in the past year. Where they had only one child when they began, they now have up to 10 kids at times at night.
For single mother Angel Briganza, taking care of her son Jackson was a challenge, as she couldn’t find a good 24-hour-nanny. “My job takes me across the country and I cannot take my son with me all the time. I’m very glad to have come across CPW. The best part is that they have CCTV cameras installed inside and send me regular updates,” says Briganza. CPW also provides freshly cooked food to the children, apart from keeping them engaged in activities, such as colouring, learning the basics of reading, or playing with building blocks.
Manoj Babu and Valsala Manoj started CPW to help parents with erratic work schedules, or those going through tough times. “Before taking any child, we insist on ID proofs of the parents,” says Valsala. A lot of parents come to this centre with babies, but one has to know how they’re related. Thus, CPW ensures that whoever comes to their centre to enrol their child must have some ID proof.

Too busy to put the kids to bed? India offers 24-hour daycare service


Juggling parenting with a high-powered career and hectic social life is a challenge anywhere in the world. One daycare center in India has stepped in to help with at least one part of that equation: a 24-hour nursery for the children of the super busy.
Care Plus World in India's capital New Delhi bills itself as the place to go for "children of parents who are too busy to put them to bed," according to Britain's Times newspaper (which operates behind a paywall).  
"At 'Care Plus World' we recognize, in this busy world, that not everyone has the luxury of being at home with their children, therefore we strive to give children a 'home from home' environment in their most important early years," the nursery says on its website.  
Parents are "invited to leave their children with us for a considerable period of leave from one week to one year in case of any emergency such as hospitalization, business trips etc."
'We don't want it to be a chore'
Capitalizing on the demand a booming economy has on the blossoming professional class, Care Plus World offers surveillance cameras monitoring each room and text-message alerts for parents, alongside with dance and music classes.
Daycare on demand: round-the-clock childcare services on the rise
Yogesh and Charu Gupta, who the Times described as the embodiment of a successful middle-class couple, said they happily leave their 13-month-old daughter, Yatie, at the nursery overnight.  

"Both our parents live in Delhi but the truth is they'd rather not look after her and we'd rather not ask," Yogesh Gupta told the newspaper. "We don't want it to be a chore."
But this ultimate outsourcing service in the outsourcing capital of the world does cause unease among some of the clientele.
Priyanka Tyagi, a 31-year-old teacher, turns to the nursery when her husband has to entertain clients and she needs to go to work the next day, according the newspaper. 
"Of course I don't always feel great about it but I know he'll be safe," she says of Anany, aged two, the Times reported.

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24-hour crèche for parents too busy at tucking-in time

Francis Elliott Dehli
Published at 12:01AM, May 14 2012

The advertisement gets straight to the point: “Working Parents! . . . Drop your child at any time.” With its cartoon character murals, plastic slides and primary colours, at first sight there is nothing to mark out Care Plus World from any other nursery. But on the building’s second floor a row of little beds reveals its unique selling point as a dormitory for the children of parents who are too busy to put them to bed.

The Wee Willie Winkies

Weary working mom and a dusty baby? Look to all-night creches

Manoj Babu, Care Plus World’s proprietor, still remembers the traumatising time he faced when his wife fell ill shortly after giving birth to their baby girl. “I was taking care of the baby and visiting my wife at the hospital. Both our families declined to help us because we had had a love marriage,” Manoj recounts. That is why he started the iso 9001-certified creche, with an attached playschool and Montessori, three years ago. Since then, he has been approached by unmarried mothers, desperate single working parents, couples on the verge of divorce, parents with odd job timings and even those who want to party hard after work.

When day care has a night shift


For young parents working graveyard shifts, 24x7 creches are proving to be a boon. Now, there is someone to put the child to bed with a lullaby and a goodnight hug. 

Radhika is barely three, but she's out most of the time. Not out with anybody, not even her parents - just out of her house and in a round-the-clock creche of sorts. Child of a single parent, her mother works in the UK and has left Radhika under the care of Esperanza, a 24-hour care centre in Hyderabad, where the little girl can be found five days of the week. For Radhika, who loves to play in the sandpit and watch Power Puff girls on television, Esperanza is her home, the staff and her tiny friends her first impressions of a family. So when her grandparents - a working couple - take her to their place over the weekend, she soon starts missing her first home, the creche. 

Radhika is not alone. In today's 24x7 world, a majority of young parents spend more than 12 hours at the workplace, leaving their kids with no option but to spend an equal amount of time, if not more, outside the warmth and comfort of their home - at full-time day-care centres. 

 , Careplus World, a 24-hour creche in Delhi where the youngest child is just three months old and stays on campus till 9 pm.

Similarly, when putting them to bed attention is paid to every minute detail. "We use tiny tot beds decorated with cut-outs of flowers and animals in soothing linen with cartoon prints and play soft music. To help the child fall asleep, we consult parents to understand his/her bed-time habits," adds Anil. As some kids like to cuddle with a particular teddy or a doll while going to sleep, the parents send the toy along with their ward. "Quite a few want to hear their favourite bedtime stories or lullabies and songs," says Edvin. 


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